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Private Lessons

CISD has an approved list of teachers. Students are able to study privately with the teachers on this list at a low cost to the student. These lessons are STRONGLY encouraged. Taking private lessons is an outstanding way for each student to become more proficient technically and musically. The lessons can also help with all-region auditions, state auditions, solo/ensemble contest, UIL Competition Music, concert music, and generally improve the musicianship and skill level of the student. Private lessons play an invaluable role in the development of each individual and leads to significant improvement in the overall quality of the orchestra.

Please see the list below, for approved Private Lessons Teachers in Conroe ISD.

If you have any further questions about signing up for Private Lessons, please contact Mr. Lai, or Mr. Cordova via email. Mr. Lai can be contacted at Mr. Cordova can be contacted at

Thank you!

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